Creating practical, realistic improvement in schools while empowering teachers through solutions that ‘just work’ is at the heart of ONVU Learning’s ethos. And we’ve always known that this will involve creating innovative partnerships.

So well as working directly in partnership with schools and trusts across the UK to overcome their issues when installing our technology (such as GDPR concerns), we are also always thinking hard about wider ways our innovation in technology, understanding of teachers and coaching expertise can be used to help education globally. This means working with organisations such as the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), universities and other ed tech companies.

Here are a few examples of our work so far…

  • Last week, Director Andrew Goff and colleagues worked with BESA to showcase ONVU Learning’s work at DIDAC, India’s largest exhibition of education and training resources. With a country’s GDP closely linked to its educational performance, the opportunity clearly exists to leapfrog other countries still bogged down by traditional teacher observation and ‘one-size-fits-all’ teacher development.
  • While in India our team also took the opportunity to visit our two partner schools where ONVU Learning’s LessonVU solution is now working in 4 classrooms with real lesson footage being shared with experts in the UK for remote instructional teacher coaching. More schools in India and in the Far East will join the project later this year, creating a powerful way to export UK educational expertise.
  • ONVU Learning is also working to support other education technology companies, training and research organisations who are looking to gather real evidence of the impact of their work in classrooms. Lessonvu has already been used to see how coaching improves classroom learning, backing up the latest academic research, but there are huge opportunities to use discreet, always on 360-degree video technology to see how different resources, new curriculums, interactive technology and innovative ways of teaching affect real learning – both as new products are developed and once they have been implemented.
  • We’re also using our video expertise and links with leading educationalists to share the latest thinking and ideas in Education with those who can’t make conferences such as researchED. You can see some examples on our website – but over the next year we are going to support our partner schools, community and education practitioners to share expert commentary, as well as showcasing exemplar lessons and conducting longer interviews.

If you’ve any more ideas for great partnerships or would like to talk about using our solutions to test and further your innovation, please get in touch with Andrew Goff directly on


We believe in the power of video and have developed Lessonvu, an incredible video lesson observation system for teacher training. 

Find out about further results of using the Lessonvu system on the evidence page of the website.