This is BLOG 2 of the Director’s Opinion series, originally published on LinkedIn.

One of the side effects of the high attrition rate for teachers in England (with around one in three leaving within 5 years of training and the average teacher retiring at 56), is that there’s a lot of teaching experience not being used at the moment in the classroom 

What if these teachers could give the benefit of their expertise and experience to younger teachers coming into the profession? And using the new ways of working that we’ve all become accustomed to in recent month, what if they could do this remotely, around their new interests and lifestyles?

We modelled how this could work last year when my colleague Dr Sean Warren remotely coached trainee teacher Nathan Price (Hereford Academy) from home.

Using videos recorded and securely shared using Lessonvu Sean was able to watch Nathan teach and together they regularly examined 15 minute “boundary clips” of parts of lessons of interest and which Nathan wanted to explore. There was no need to arrange a time for Sean to visit the school, no ‘Hawthorne effect’ (where the presence of an observer changes the dynamics of a lesson) and perhaps crucially, the coaching wasn’t part of any formal appraisal process and absolutely focussed on improving Nathan’s teaching capacity.

We carried out action based research to explore this further. Sean was linked up with two teachers in a leading school in India and over a number of months remotely coached them using shared video from the UK – and you can see the positive outcomes in our case study here

The Introduction of the Early Years Career Framework over the next two years here in England places a premium on high quality mentoring for new teachers. The COVID pandemic has brought the issue of remote working and the power of video to the foreground alongside the vital importance of education. What if these changes could be linked together to give every new teacher an experienced mentor and make an amazing change to how teachers develop – and in doing so cut those awful attrition numbers? 

You can read more about our work with Hereford Academy (where Nathan Price works) and the Doon School in India on ONVU Learning’s ‘School Case Study’ page and hear from them in ONVU Learning’s forthcoming webinar on ‘The Future of Lesson Observation’ which we’re holding in November - email me for details!.

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