We’ve been working with schools in the UK and India for several years now on remote lesson observation – and we’ve been continuously impressed by the innovative ways that schools have used our 360-degree cameras to improve teacher development, teaching and learningThe recent COVID epidemic has been a considerable challenge for all schools, but this has increased the pace of innovation! 

Here are just 13 of the many ideas we’ve seen 

  • Teachers trying different activities with ‘parallel’ classes and using video footage to work out which ones create more engaged students 

  • Teachers filming the start of lessons across a school and producing a best practice guide as a result 

  • Schools filming the introduction of new curriculum ideas such as metacognition and sharing them across a school and a wider trust 

  • Schools using video capture as part of recruitment (with the permission of those being interviewed) so that all those involved in the recruitment process can see real teaching 

  • Teachers sharing footage from their lessons in CPD sessions to make it as real and focused as possible 

  • Teachers reflecting on their own lessons and spotting when they ‘go off at a tangent’ 

  • Schools sharing information between primary and secondary schools to help improve transition for Y6 students  

  • Newly qualified teachers sharing footage of their lessons with external coaches to support them in their first year in schools  

  • Teachers and schools sharing footage between India and the UK in order to support experienced teachers with external coaching 

  • Teachers re-engaging with the whole process of lesson observation and using it to re-find ‘the joy of teaching’.  

  • Schools working with teacher training institutions to give trainee teachers and insight into what really happens in a classroom  

  • Effect’ caused by observers being present in the room is removed 

  • Teams of colleagues planning, filming and sharing lessons to learn together – and now being able to do this remotely! 

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