This is BLOG 1 of the Director’s Opinion series, originally published on LinkedIn.

The news that the number of students training to be teachers has increased by between 14% and 20% in England this year sounds like it might be the start of the end of the ongoing teacher recruitment crisis.

But this misses out the fact that teacher training is a long process, and there are many opportunities for problems to occur. These new applicants firstly need to find schools that offer training placements for trainees  (the lack of which led Teach First to cut 120 places earlier in the year). They will then need to find jobs as newly qualified teachers in a market that has temporarily frozen due to the COVID pandemic, and then stay in teaching for longer than teachers are at the moment.

It’s not surprising that leading experts in teacher recruitment such as James Noble-Rogers and Emma Hollis have asked for more ‘virtual’ training, better mentoring and access to in-school placements to solve this problem.

  • But what does that actually mean? How can teacher training become digital and virtual?

  • Isn’t teaching all about face-to-face interaction with students? 

At ONVU Learning we’ve carried out action-based research with a number of schools on these issues for several years now.   

For example, Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA) has had high-quality 360-degree video cameras in every classroom for the past academic year. Even before the pandemic they used the cameras to share footage with remote coaches and seen clear improvements in their teaching.

Find out about our work with partner schools by reading their Case Studies

AUEA is now talking to teacher training organisations about creating virtual placements – opportunities for students to follow lessons by watching and discussing recorded footage in order to prepare them for time at the school and then make the most of their time in school.

 You can read about AUEA’s experience on ONVU Learning’s ‘School Case Study’ page and hear from them in ONVU Learning’s forthcoming webinar on ‘The Future of Lesson Observation’ which we’re holding in November – find more details below.  

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