ONVU Learning was delighted to support the National researchED Conference (official event page) on September 9th at Harris Academy, St. John’s Wood by capturing some of the speakers’ presentations and carrying out various interviews. We managed to do some impromptu live streams from the day and are delighted that so many people who couldn’t make the day physically engaged with the event online through these live streams. 

It was really great to hear so many people talking passionately about education and what really matters in the classroom for their students; a good combination of thought leadership, research and classroom experience all wrapped into one. 

We’ll add some of the interviews in due course but to get started here are some videos of the sessions that we were able to capture: 

Amanda Aylett – Starts the day at researchED 2018

Tom Bennett – Introduces the day 

Nick Gibb – A speech from the Schools Minister, DfE 

Becky Allen – The pupil premium isn’t working. What next for the attainment gap? 

Christine Counsell – Understanding and improving curricula: what can and can’t research do? 

Alex Quigley – Making sense of metacognition 

Paul Kirschner – Don’ts and Do’s in Teaching and Learning: An Evidence-Informed Approach to Teaching and Learning 

Christine Counsell(chair), Mark Enser, Heather Fearn, Martin Galway, Ngozi Oguledo, Sri Pavar, Clare Sealy Panel: What should a 21st century curriculum look like? 

Tom Bennett – Closes the day at researchED 2018

We are delighted to be working with schools and helping them to carry out quality review and reflection using LessonVU and will be posting more case studies in the near future, have a look at our case studies and evidence pages so far here. 

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