OnvuLearning LogoONVU Technologies today announced the launch of its new education division, ONVU Learning, and its unique classroom lesson observation, teacher training and self-review video system, Lessonvu.

Lessonvu offers schools the first ever 360o lesson recording solution. The technology is the result of years spent understanding the major issues that schools and teachers are facing with self-review. It facilitates the secure recording, sharing, review, and analysis of the entire teaching and learning environment from a single plug and play camera, microphone and classroom gateway box.

Lessonvu is low profile and is on 24/7 meaning the technology does not interrupt the lesson. Its video recordings of daily classroom activities enable effective, self-directed teacher development and are recorded from a single recessed, ceiling mounted camera that can view the entire classroom. The recordings are controlled by the teacher to aid reflection, improve their teaching and learning, and support sustainable and scalable continuous professional development (CPD).

The solution has been trialled in a number of partner schools in the UK and the initial results have been very positive, with one teacher seeing a 30% increase in student progress and another reporting that “Lessonvu has helped me find my passion for teaching again”, both from The Hereford Academy.

Andy Goff, VP of business development added, “ONVU Learning combines years of experience in teaching and learning in schools, with award winning technology. Educators working with ONVU Learning will benefit from the most effective and innovative ways to reflect on their teaching. Our technology and advice come together to ensure investment in teacher development is targeted, valued and successful.”

Traditionally, many schools carry out lesson observations from the back of the classroom with one or more internal or external people making notes. Lessonvu for teacher training is unique in not disrupting the lesson, while giving a complete panoramic view of everything that is happening in the class at any one time. It is, as one teacher mentions, ‘such a fabulous opportunity to do a lesson reflection in private…..it really is very useful. The real benefit of using Lessonvu is the ability to see a normal lesson environment without the distraction of another colleague being in the lesson’.

ONVU Learning also offers advice to schools on how to set up, manage and run self-review with teachers in order to maximise on the return for the school.

To discover all about Lessonvu and what it can do for you and your school, visit the official page. See how it has helped teachers improve their practice, build confidence and have a substantial impact on student outcome on our Evidence page. When you are ready, remember to book a demo of Lessonvu directly from the ONVU Learning team.