Security & Safeguarding

Read our security and safeguarding statements.

ONVU Learning’s Lessonvu system is a non-intrusive classroom capture and reflection system that is owned and controlled by teachers only. Its unique 360-degree video camera technology allows for the complete recording of video and audio from a classroom giving a comprehensive record of the entire lesson. Lessonvu is for the sole benefit of the teacher and their mentors and, as such, access to lessons is controlled individually by each teacher. 

It is a sensitive professional development tool designed for the purpose of observing and reflecting on lessons through video, enabling teachers to reflect on their practice, share effective methodologies with peers, and easily identify behavioural issues, it is not a surveillance system.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and have developed our technology in line with the relevant legal frameworks. Protecting the rights and privacy of our customers is at the heart of our approach.


Our systems are regularly updated and reviewed by our in-house team of engineers working with the advice of industry leading consultants and are subjected to regular 3rd party penetration testing.

Data in the cloud

All data stored in the cloud is secured in transit using SSL encryption and securely stored at rest with Amazon Web Services, where Cloud security is of the highest priority. Their data centres and network architecture is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.

Guidelines to Schools for Cloud and Data Storage

The education world is changing. Cloud computing has revolutionised the way education is delivered. Education professionals can now access the latest online tools and content, with just a couple of clicks.

The following recommendations should be taken by schools to ensure cloud security and privacy on and off premise, particularly when using cloud storage for enhanced safeguarding.

  • Encrypting your data
  • Validating the SLAs of the cloud provider to ensure that they meet the school’s security and privacy requirements.
  • The biggest risks — and the most important challenges to overcome — are around security and compliance. Public cloud providers have significantly improved their provision in the past few years, and surveys show that IT leaders are becoming less worried about cloud security. The reality, however, is that the biggest risks have always been more internal than external.
  • Implementing a hybrid cloud environment that keeps the most sensitive information on premise.

  • Mitigate risks and greatly improve security with strong passwords, and guidance on identifying phishing emails.

Frequently asked questions

All recorded material are stored on local Lessonvu Gateway systems and until specific videos are exported for sharing then these are stored in the cloud with carefully managed security. Working with your teachers and your senior management team we will help your school set up policies and practices by which lesson recordings are only shared with full teacher permission to designated colleagues or third parties. Lessonvu is a teacher’s tool and should be only be used to self-review and reflection. The teacher should be in complete control of their own lesson recordings and the only ones able to share lesson recordings with colleagues, mentors or consultants for review, being able to redact those permissions at any point

AWS has a system of controls in place that specifically address the privacy protection of their content. They have developed a security assurance program using additional global privacy and data protection best practices in order to help customers establish, operate and leverage their security control environment. These security protections and control processes are independently validated by multiple third-party independent assessments.

AWS’s alignment with ISO 27018 has been validated by an independent third-party assessor. ISO 27018 is the first International code of practice that focuses on protection of personal data in the cloud. It is based on ISO information security standard 27002 and provides implementation guidance on ISO 27002 controls applicable to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) processed by public cloud service providers. This demonstrates to customers that AWS has a system of controls in place that specifically addresses the privacy protection of their content.

This is very much a decision for you, your IT team and your school. Ideally, you will build up a library of videos to reference in the future. Each Lessonvu Gateway can store up to a maximum of 30 days of video content with suitably sized hard drives.

As part of the consultation we will help you decide what time scale is best for your school.

Technically you can store the videos as long as you want to, assuming your school or organisation doesn’t have a specific storage limitation. Our advice is to use our clipping features to select which content is of value to you and give it very detailed names and descriptions so you can easily search for it and find it later. We advise that each school makes internal rules to govern what is kept and for how long. So, for example, recorded lessons for Teacher CPD might be kept for a term or until they have been used for the necessary coaching sessions.

Security & Compliance

Most schools will already have parental approval to photograph students but a school should review its policy on video use. Approval from parents may be required. It is important for parents to understand the purpose of the Lessonvu system and that it is purely about teaching development and standards, and that their child is not the subject of the observation. Aside from legalities, teachers should be assured that the recorded video will be securely stored and only used for the purposes that have been outlined and to which those teachers have sanctioned.

Lessonvu has been built and tested with security at its forefront from the ground upwards. It is important to maintain good password discipline and never share your user credentials with others. If this is maintained then Lessonvu is very secure and our auditing means access is always logged. Video content is stored securely on the Lessonvu Gateway or if you choose to share any content externally it is stored securely in our cloud servers which are protected by the highest level of security systems and processes, and also tested regularly. We perform extensive penetration testing of the Lessonvu Cloud and Gateway systems before any updates are made, and we also schedule penetration testing quarterly. We do not advise downloading video content from Lessonvu to other local storage or hard drives as it is more secure when access is closely controlled and audited on Lessonvu itself. When sharing video clips, who they are being shared with, should be considered and those people should be made aware of the security and password policies.