The LessonVU system runs continuously to avoid disrupting your learning environment – students and teachers become virtually unaware of the camera in the classroom. The normal classroom set up involves a camera in the ceiling, a boundary microphone near the front of the class and the LessonVU Gateway positioned in a safe and secure location inside the classroom.

Lesson Observation Training and Consultancy

ONVU Learning can provide expert teacher lesson observation and coaching if a school requires. Working with academics to develop the LessonVU system, ONVU Learning has its own teacher coaching expertise, clients and 3rd party relationships should a school need expertise and help in developing its own processes.


Our camera is typically installed in the ceiling of the classroom. As the camera has a 360-degree fisheye lens, it captures all of the classroom apart from where obstacles may be in the way; for example, it won’t see under a desk.

We would advocate that the camera is positioned about a third of the way back from the front of the classroom and central. This provides the maximum amount of views possible for current and potential strategy and policy changes.


At ONVU Learning we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We provide end-to-end support for teachers, parents, students and others consuming content, as well as Estates and IT departments installing and managing LessonVU solutions.

Our dedicated support team will attend site if required, but can also support via remote control sessions. In the rare occasion of a hardware failure, we will repair or replace your unit within its warranty or during your support agreement. Please get in touch with the ONVU Learning team for further information.

System Training

The LessonVU interface is intuitive and designed to be very user friendly. With a small amount of guidance, users should quickly be fluent in using the system to help support their teaching.


No additional storage is required. As all video content from the camera is stored either on the LessonVU Gateway or on the LessonVU Cloud, there are no requirements to use your own storage. Video clips copied or shared with others remain stored within the LessonVU system.

We understand data security and compliance

ONVU Learning has ensured schools’ compliance with Ofsted’s inspection criteria, and offers the necessary advice to protect your student’s rights. We know how important it is for you to protect and safeguard students, staff and parents, which is why ONVU Learning ensures outstanding security and compliance for your peace of mind.

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Case studies

Read our success stories of how schools around the world are using ONVU Learning’s lesson observation and teacher reflection tools to improve their teaching standards and student outcomes.
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