How less can be more with Teacher’s CPD

In today’s educational landscape, there’s a pressing need for tailored professional development for teachers. While large-scale training sessions might seem the logical choice, Matt Tiplin suggests a different perspective: smaller, more frequent workshops can be more beneficial.

Instead of exhaustive sessions, breaking training into digestible modules can enhance retention and allow better implementation in classrooms. This approach ensures that theoretical knowledge translates effectively into practical application, resulting in tangible classroom improvements.

Furthermore, putting teachers at the center of their professional development can be transformative. Granting them flexibility to focus on specific areas of improvement, and fostering an environment where they can reflect and discuss strategies informally with peers, can lead to meaningful growth.

Traditional lesson observation methods, often with a senior colleague present, might not always be effective. Promoting self-reflection, guided by experienced peers, can provide more genuine insights and improvements.

In essence, Matt emphasizes that smaller, targeted steps in professional development can bring about lasting, impactful change in educational settings.

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