Everything you wanted to know about ONVU Learning.

We think that education is about giving every student their one chance of a brighter future. The education system is always evolving but based on fundamentals that never change.


Great teachers inspire future generations; we want to make sure that every teacher has the chance to be a great one.

What will schools look like in the future?

Predicting the future is always going to be difficult. Fifty years ago, science fiction writers would have got it wrong if they suggested that classrooms in the 21st century would have robot teachers and lessons on making space rockets. However, they would have been correct in predicting instant access to almost every piece of human knowledge via the Internet, voice recognition software and global video communication.

What makes us different?

We started with the following questions: what tool will best enable teachers to self-reflect on their practice using real-time and contextualised visual and audio feedback? Secondly, how can schools and Trusts roll out CPD across their teachers at scale for lower costs that those of traditional methods?


We think that they should have the technology that make their lives easier. We provide new possibilities to educators by helping them to be better informed during their teaching.


When educators use ONVU Learning, they develop new skills to discover new possibilities and find opportunities by analysing video. Creating actionable insights without added barriers ensures our educators get it right the first time, every time, so that students can have the best education that to shape their future.


ONVU Learning is the education division of ONVU Technologies.

A lesson capture solution, made simple.

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