ONVU Learning draws upon decades of education experience that ensures that our technology best serves educators in every stage of their career. ONVU Learning is the education division of ONVU Technologies. 




A world where every student receives an education guided by an unbroken chain of effective teaching, fostering a resilient foundation that empowers them to thrive in the face of any challenge.


To empower educators worldwide with the right information at the right time. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of resources that enable educators to cultivate their expertise. With a commitment to accessibility, we deliver solutions that are purposeful at every stage of the career journey.


By arming educators with the essential tools, our purpose is to drive positive transformation and foster continuous improvement within the education ecosystem, generating a ripple effect of profound change for generations to come.


ONVU Learning is a complete 360 degree video and audio lesson capture solution that helps educators to reflect, collaborate and analyse the entire teaching and learning process.

ONVU Learning is a leading provider of video lesson capture solutions to schools, helping transform teaching and learning experiences by offering a unique 360-degree view of the classroom and capturing studio standard audio. Through a user-friendly platform in which teachers at every career stage are in control, we enable teachers to record, review, and analyse their lessons in unprecedented depth and clarity. 


We provide educators with a powerful tool to enhance their professional development and refine their pedagogical techniques while enabling leadership teams to deploy consistent and effective practices throughout their institution.


We are dedicated to supporting schools in their pursuit of excellence by reducing costs and time associated with traditional CPD methods, enabling efficient use of resources. 


Our solution dispenses with the teacher anxieties and many limitations of traditional lesson observation practices. It empowers teachers, promoting collaborative learning and knowledge. By leveraging technology, we aim to streamline teacher CPD, improve pedagogical practices, and ultimately elevate academic outcomes for students.

We prioritise teacher well-being by simplifying administrative tasks and promoting work-life balance, allowing educators to focus on what they do best: inspiring and educating students.


By being content-agnostic, we aim to create a versatile platform that accommodates diverse individual CPD training needs, fostering a culture of continuous growth, innovation and well-being of teachers and students alike.


Through continuous innovation, relentless customer focus and strategic partnerships with schools, educational institutions and specialists, we strive to make our video lesson capture solution a catalyst for positive change in education. Our commitment to teacher empowerment and elevating teacher well-being ensures that we meet the evolving needs of educators throughout all stages of their professional growth journey.


Together, we envision a future where teacher CPD is seamlessly integrated into everyday practice, leading to improved student outcomes and the transformative impact of improving school standards and the education community as a whole.



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  • Paradigm shifting 
  • Discrete data capture 
  • Easily accessible and secure
  • Useful insights at the point of use
  • Teachers in control

A lesson capture solution, made simple.

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