Lesson observation and teacher reflection

Developed by teachers for teachers

ONVU Learning provide unique learning and teaching aids for the classroom, enabling education professionals to improve, get better results and make every lesson more effective and enjoyable.

Our tools monitor and capture every aspect of a lesson so teachers can see and adjust behaviours and the impact of their teaching approach. Teacher ownership and self reflection are at the heart of everything we do.

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Introducing Lessonvu

LessonVU benefits
LessonVU benefits

Lessonvu is an intuitive and powerful 360-degree video and audio lesson observation system. It facilitates the secure recording, review, sharing and analysis of the entire teaching and learning environment, with teacher ownership at its core.

How it works

Lessonvu offers always on, never invasive, video recordings of daily classroom activities to enable:

  • Teachers to self-reflect on any part of their daily teaching
  • Detailed insight into classroom practise and behaviour
  • Consultation with colleagues for constructive feedback

Enables instant and precise reflective practice

Provides sustainable, supportive and effective CPD

Almost invisible for zero disruption in the classroom

What education professionals are saying