standards WITHIN & across schools

Improving standards school wide is no easy fete, high expectations to address complex challenges with limited resources and tight time constraints can seem like an endless challenge.

ONVU Learning can provide you with the knowledge to ensure consistency in teaching and learning. Whether it’s across one school or multiple sites we can provide you the insight you need to make lasting positive improvements. 

Improve teaching and learning consistently

It is well-documented that consistency in teaching and learning creates a predictable and productive learning environment for students. When teaching is consistent, students know what to expect, feel confident in their teachers and trust them to follow through with ideas and promises.


You will know yourself that your most consistent teachers are the ones whose classrooms are the most engaged and have higher student interest and better learning outcomes. Consistency in teaching and learning is an absolute must for prolonged school improvement and meeting your framework standards. 


By investing in your teachers at ground level you will build solid foundations for wider school improvements.


So – how does ONVU Learning help…

Using Video to Improve collaboration & best practice

Positive change cannot happen without school wide collaboration. The ability to identify and analyse best practise is vitally important to ensure a constant teaching and learning experience for your teachers and pupils.  


ONVU Learning has been designed with collaboration at its heart. With the use of a discreet ceiling-mounted 360-degree camera without any set up on the day, your teachers can capture their entire classroom experience and can easily spot instances of excellent practice. These instances can then be securely shared with peers and mentors for analysis and replication.


The ability to save and share clips empowers your teachers with an autonomous bank of best practice that meets your framework and supports your teaching standard objectives. What’s more clips can be shared across school and even multiple sites, making scaling school wide improvements in teaching constancy easier and quicker than ever before.  


We understand that administering and improving teacher CPD within a school or Multi Academy Trust takes considerable time and resources. With senior leaders juggling multiple responsibilities and locations, planning lesson observations and training sessions can feel overwhelming. All that is before you’ve even begun factoring in the challenges, disruption and expense of coordinating timetables, cover teachers and travel.


ONVU Learning is your partner in solving these problems. Lesson observations do not have to interfere with classroom hours anymore. We equip schools with technology that drives efficiencies.


In adopting our ‘little and often’ incremental approach, you will utilise time more effectively. Instead of investing hours in traditional lesson observations, you can conduct in-person or remote reviews of genuine, unfiltered classroom footage. Our method enables lesson observations to be scheduled in non-contact hours and directs the focus where it truly matters – improving teachers’ practices and learning outcomes.


CPD White paper web page on a tablet device



An insightful and informative report exploring how schools and multi academy trusts can achieve quality professional development and build a highly engaged teacher workforce.


With contributions from influential education leaders, it’s a read you won’t want to miss.

Support your Teachers with Communities

Keeping your teams motivated and supported across different locations is important, especially for teacher retention and improving teaching standards.


ONVU Learning is based on putting development and support in teachers’ hands, offering them the opportunity to take control of their development, whilst still operating in a Trust-wide framework.


That’s why we have Communities especially designed to allow teachers to collaborate and share with each other, across different schools. ONVU learning offers a creative, improvement-focused community to support your teaching staff, no matter where they are.

why onvu learning?

Generate best practice to improve student outcomes

Build a school-wide or multi-school approach to collaboration

Identify opportunities for development across schools

A lesson capture solution, made simple.

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