Lessonvu is a non-intrusive classroom video lesson observation system that is controlled by teachers. Its unique technology allows for the complete recording of 360-degree video and audio, giving you a comprehensive view of the entire lesson.

Perfect picture
Lessons are captured using a high definition 360-degree fisheye camera. The recording is then converted using our proprietary software into a more traditional view. The simple, intuitive controls let you review, analyse and reflect on the key aspects of your lesson.

Personalised recording
As Lessonvu is set to be always on, you’ll have peace of mind knowing every aspect of a lesson will be recorded. It gives teachers a safe, judgement-free and retrospective review of the whole lesson without the need to pre-plan recording.

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Lessonvu: Unique features

teacher ownership

Lessonvu is for the sole benefit of the teacher and their mentors and, as such, access is controlled by the teacher.

Capture Everything

Live and on demand, inquisitive 360-degree review of an entire classroom scene is possible thanks to the unique high-resolution fisheye camera at the centre of the solution.

Personalised Recording

The option to have the system continually recording allows easy review and analysis of all lessons. Similarly, you can turn off the camera and audio in an instant if required.

Discrete not hidden

Non-invasive capturing of the classroom is key to removing the effect visual monitoring has on the teacher and student behaviour.

How Lessonvu works

Lessonvu components
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A high-resolution 360-degree camera

LessonVU Camera




LessonVU CameraGateway box icon

A high-resolution 360-degree camera:

the camera offers discrete ceiling mounting with plug and play installation. The single camera captures the whole of the visible classroom scene with no blind spots giving a true all round view.


A high-resolution 360-degree camera

LessonVU Camera

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A high definition microphone:

a professional studio quality microphone is included for high quality audio recording of the whole environment. Video can be captured independently of audio if needed.


A high definition microphone

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