effective cpd for teachers

Are you often left wondering how that INSET day training programme benefited you and your individual development needs? Frustrating right? We believe CPD should not be a one size fits all approach. Professional development should be tailored to your needs and be available when you need it.  

What if we told you that by using ONVU Learning you could enhance your skills with a uniquely personalised approach that could supercharge your teaching practice and learning outcomes?  


Teaching is more than just a job, it’s about having a positive impact on young lives. By imparting your knowledge onto your students, you are giving them a better chance of a successful future, so being at your best is an absolute must! 


This is why having a self-reflective approach to CPD is so important. ONVU Learning can be used alongside your day-to-day activities or your chosen CPD programme. 


It empowers you with the ability to see and hear your teaching for yourself, helping you to assess your classroom practices allowing you to create a truly individual CPD plan that is as unique as you. 




So how does it work?  Our platform is designed for you and your development needs, so unless you choose to securely share your clips with mentors or peers for further input and support then any recordings remain completely yours


The ONVU Learning solution uses a single ceiling mounted 360-degree camera delivering a unique birds-eye view of the entire classroom through our platform. This allows you to record footage and save clips to observe, evaluate and reflect on everything that happens in your class. From your delivery to student responsiveness, our technology makes it easy for you to spot and identify any opportunities for development within your teaching practices, and of course, see where things have gone really well! And what’s more, you are completely in control of the footage.  


We know how important CPD is to you, let us help you to make it work for you!  

Teacher conducting class with primary school children as viewed from 360 degree ONVU Learning camera



Scaling Teacher Professional Development

Improving and scaling professional development for your teachers is vitally important. Whether it’s to improve teaching impact across your school or Trust in order to achieve excellent learning outcomes, or to help encourage teacher retention, the benefits are far reaching. 


By empowering teacher autonomy ONVU Learning’s  unique 360-degree view of the classroom allows your teachers to identify opportunities and securely share what works to scale across your departments, schools and Trusts. Encouraging teachers to share best practice you will be able to identify what is working in your teachers’ classrooms and put the teachers at the heart of your CPD programmes. 

“I wouldn’t deliver a complex teaching strategy to all staff when I know only two might benefit from that strategy. CPD needs to be responsive to the children they are dealing with at the time. ” 

Emma Wilks, Interim Co Principal

Nishkam High School

Evidencing Teaching standards

Being able to evidence what is working in a classroom can be a great way to reflect and continually improve your schools’ teaching standards to promote excellent learning outcomes.

For teachers, being able to identify specific points within their classroom teaching and reflect on those  moments through the use of video clips, alongside reviewing with coaches and peers, is a great way to build a bank of expertise on which to improve and learn. We specialise in being able to provide and empower your teachers with the ability to review their lessons and improve their practice. 


Putting CPD at the heart of great teaching is one of the best ways to improve teaching standards and classroom learning.


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