PRESS RELEASE – ONVU Learning joins the Everything ICT Framework

ONVU Learning joins the Everything ICT Framework – the cost-effective, compliant and convenient ICT Procurement Framework for the Public Sector.  


LONDON, SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 – ONVU Learning, provider of video lesson capture solution, has announced today that they are now an approved supplier on the Everything ICT Framework, an ICT Procurement framework specialising in the education sector and DfE recommended.  


Being a supplier in the framework, ONVU Learning will be available to more than 6,000 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Multi-Academy Trusts, who benefit from the opportunity to purchase from suppliers that meet UK procurement regulations, fulfilling the equivalent requirements of otherwise possibly lengthy tendering processes. 


With ONVU Learning, UK schools and Trusts have access to an innovative way of supporting teachers and their peers to self-reflect and improve their practice. ONVU Learning allows school teachers to collaborate and analyse their teaching so that institutions can improve and scale effective CPD approaches, evidence teachers’ strengths and improve them further, using evidence and insights from a secure platform. 


 “We’re really delighted to partner with Everything ICT and demonstrate our position as a supplier to the public sector,” said Matthew Tiplin, VP Commercial, ONVU Learning. “Like all suppliers within the framework, we went through a rigorous evaluation process and were evaluated on areas such as value for money, innovation, customer service, insurance cover, compliance with all relevant legislations (including GDPR) and case studies / reference checks. It’s a thorough process, success which demonstrates that our solution is ready to significantly contribute to teacher professional development the UK.” 


About ONVU Learning 

ONVU Learning is a comprehensive video lesson capture solution that enables educators to observe, reflect, analyse and collaborate on the entire teaching and learning process to enable excellent learning outcomes through evidence and insights.   


ONVU Learning complements schools’ teacher professional development programmes and replaces traditional high stakes, low impact lesson observations improving and standardising teaching performance, and supporting teacher CPD across departments, schools and Trusts. 


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