This is the last in a series of articles about the practical issues that will face schools in the autumn as they return to the ‘new normal’ of teachingWe’ve gathered ideas from our partner schools and knowledge of educational technology to help you meet these challenges. 

This blog looks at 5 ways where ONVU Learning’s Lessonvu system is already helping teachers in our partner schools in the ‘new normal’. Our Lessonvu system combines always-on high-quality 360-degree video and audio recording with a cloud-based storage system that puts the classroom teacher in charge of viewing, sharing and reflecting on every lesson. Please get in touch with us to explore this further. 

In the ‘new normal series, the first blog looked at supporting new teachers in your school, especially newly qualified teachers (NQTs)The second looked at recruiting and retaining staff, the third at wider staff training, and the fourth at the issues faced by classroom teachers. 

Lessonvu can help

1. Remote observation 

Lesson observations are important for many reasons, including giving feedback to new teachers and creating professional discussions for more experienced ones. Lessonvu allows teachers to share any part of their lesson with colleagues or mentors who can review lessons from any location. This means that line managers and school leaders can remain outside ‘bubbles’ and leave reviewing observations until after the school day has finished. 

In order to quality assure observations they can even take part in ‘joint observations’ at different times and in different places as colleagues! 

2. Teacher self-reflection and support 

The ‘new normal’ will mean changes for many teachers, with more ‘teaching from the front of the classroom’ and less opportunity to assess learning. Lessonvu has been used in many schools for effective self-reflection and will allow teachers to zoom into specific areas of the classroom to review what is happening. Are children able to correct their work independently? Is learning happening at the right pace?  

And the beauty of Lessonvu is that when new things do work, teachers can share them with colleagues – or they can share difficult situations and ask for advice from mentors inside or outside the school. 

3. Reducing student learning loss 

Given the need for self-isolation, it is likely that many schools will be faced with high absence rates and students will miss lessons. While solutions such as Oak National may help immediately, Lessonvu allows teachers to replay key parts of lessons to some of their pupils while others in the class move on with new work.  

In the extreme case of a school closure, teachers can replay their lessons and use them to plan where to start remote work.   

4. Supporting new teachers 

No matter how experienced a teacher is, settling into a new school while respecting social distancing and staying in a bubble is going to be hard. Lessonvu allows other teachers to share the ‘way the school works’ with new teachers – for example how the school expects lessons to start or teachers to manage disciplinary issues.  

Video footage can be shared beyond the school as well – for example with trainee teachers before placement start! 

5. Socially distant professional development 

Training and development will be important in the ‘new normal’, but ‘traditional’ CPD with staff sitting in the same room will not be allowed. Lessonvu offers a simple solution – teachers will be able to share real footage of new ideas in action in the classroom, and colleagues can discuss them and how to implement them in their own classrooms.  

If you would like to discuss adding Lessonvu systems to your classroom, get in touch with the ONVU Learning team now

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