Are School Hierachies Killing Teacher Confidence?

Most of society is run through hierarchical structures. Schools and MATs are no exception. It’s an extremely effective way of facilitating the successful day-to-day running of a school or Trust, which is by its very nature a complex beast. But is there an argument that these hierarchies are in fact doing damage to teacher confidence?


Read this article to discover if removing hierarchy barriers and fostering a culture of collaboration and self-reflection can be the golden ticket to retaining teachers and improving student outcomes.

Marginal gains & school improvement: Big changes in small steps

Since school and trust leaders are constantly under pressure to bring about positive change, it’s understandable that they would look for a solution by thinking big, such as starting a whole-school specialised training programme.

But these programmes frequently end up being wasteful, expensive, and time-consuming. By concentrating on tiny, achievable improvements that schools are certain they can maintain, so much more may be accomplished. That is the key to long-lasting change.