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Lesson Observation Guide

How to improve teaching and learning


ONVU Learning has one clear mission – to improve teaching and learning! This is why we are committed to developing solutions for schools and teachers to function better. On this page, you will find our research-based educational guide written by educational professionals with over 20 years of accumulated experience in the industry.

What is the Lesson Observation guide?

The Lesson Observation guide shares a wealth of knowledge about lesson observation and its best practices, both for the NQT teacher being observed or the more seasoned teacher or trainer observing. And it goes further by exploring how the practice of observation used as a teacher training and development tool, and when done well, contributes towards an overall recruitment and retention strategy and an enhanced school culture.

What you’ll learn with this guide:

  • Creating a lesson observation programme for teacher development

  • 10 things to do before observing a colleague

  • 10 things to do before you are observed

  • What to do after an observation

  • How to ensure observations leads to better teaching over time

  • Using observation to drive wider school improvement

  • The best and worst observation feedback seen

  • 5 reasons teachers should be using Lessonvu video to enhance lesson observation


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