ONVU Learning’s Regional Manager in India, Kajari Bharadwaj, is sharing her thoughts on the future of teacher training and development and the EdTech direction it’s taking, on My Mobile India publication. Read part of the article below or click here to have access to the full piece.

teacher training IndiaAs leading educators believe, an experiential training is the best form of education. It enables people to apply their theoretical learnings in real-world scenarios. For perspective, it is easier to teach a toddler addition and subtraction practically using sticks and pencils, rather than verbally explaining the concepts to them. This also holds true for more complicated concepts during their higher education.

There is a reason why experiential training is superior when compared with a theoretical one. It enables a person to better gauge the point being made and address his or her misunderstandings aptly. If a person is not able to do this self-analysis, the same thing can also be easily demonstrated. This eliminates the development of flawed concepts within any person being trained.

Today, India is making several breakthroughs in the field of education. Our education system is gradually driving towards its future as cutting-edge technologies and approaches, including experiential training, become a part of it. However, something that demands our attention is that should we only restrict these approaches to the students being trained, and not include the teachers training them?

Teach-nology: The vision of enhancing pedagogical training with technological assistance

Before coming to the case in point, we must first understand a typical school scenario. Every educational institute has several students with different academic aptitudes. Similarly, the collective aptitude, learning curve, and attitude of students also vary from classroom to classroom. So, different teachers are allocated to different classes based on the performance of the latter. High-performing educators are generally tasked with the classes having poorest academic results, in order to bring them on equal footing with their colleagues.

“Thanks to the tech-driven innovations such as video analytics, we are able to not only gauge the performance of a student or a teacher, but also the individual training methodologies that drive the desired results within a classroom. Similarly, the flaws in approach, including factual inaccuracies, can also be recognized and addressed via workshops”

But what makes a high-performing teacher drive improved results with the same class and hence, the same set of students when some other teacher cannot? 

Read the full article at My Mobile India publication, click here.


Curious about our teacher training and development system, Lessonvu?

  • Lessonvu is a non-intrusive classroom observation system that is controlled by teachers. Its unique technology allows for the complete recording of 360-degree video and audio, giving a comprehensive view of the entire lesson.
  • Video is captured using a high definition 360-degree fisheye camera. The recording is then converted into a more traditional view. The simple, intuitive controls let teachers review, analyse and reflect on the key aspects of the lesson.
  • As Lessonvu is set to be always on, teachers have peace of mind knowing every aspect of a lesson will be recorded. It gives teachers a safe, judgement-free and retrospective review of the whole lesson without the need to pre-plan recording.
  • Lessonvu is for the sole benefit of the teacher and their mentors and, as such, access is controlled by the teacher. The use of online mentors shows teachers where to look when reviewing their own lessons, rather than what to see.
  • Discrete not hidden, non-invasive capturing of the classroom is key to removing the effect visual monitoring has on the teacher and student behaviour.

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