Practical ways to assess teachers’ impact on student learning

The article discusses the traditional and innovative methods of classroom observations for enhancing teaching and student learning, focusing on Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA), the UK’s largest University Technical College. It critiques the traditional method of lesson observations as offering only a “snapshot” of the classroom, which may not accurately reflect teaching effectiveness due to observer bias.



To address this, the article advocates for a more collaborative and pupil-centered approach, emphasising the importance of observing subtle indicators of student engagement, such as body language. AUEA has adopted technology, including 360-degree cameras and time-stamped desk pads, to facilitate more detailed and self-reflective observations by teachers. This approach allows for targeted improvements in teaching methods and classroom dynamics.



The article also highlights the value of regular professional development and peer learning opportunities for teachers, suggesting that a supportive and cooperative environment can lead to significant improvements in teaching quality and student outcomes.



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