Reigniting Teacher Confidence Through Self-Directed CPD

Matt Tiplin, VP Commercial of ONVU Learning, talks about the efficacy of an approach in which leaders relinquish control and let teachers design and deliver their own CPD.


Senior leaders typically set the CPD agenda in response to a requirement that has emerged as a result of factors like the outcomes of external exams or other statutory assessments. It could be that monitoring timelines are agreed at the start of the year, with leaders deciding how they will collate evidence of teacher’s practice. Often lesson observations are the mechanism used.


Matt expresses the anxiety and worry that this method causes in teachers, while also raising concerns about its efficacy and its effects on teacher’s mental health.


He proposes what ONVU Learning customers have come to know as a much more effective approach that also has the dividend of rekindling teacher confidence and delivering better outcomes for pupils too.


See Pages 6-7



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