We all want to make our lives easier, and more effective. ONVU Learning’s lesson observation solution, Lessonvu, has been designed to give teachers the autonomy to constructively reflect and further their own teaching by:

  • Analyse and understand the factors driving student engagement and interaction through real-time monitoring of the classroom environment
  • Provide frictionless, true-to-life observation without the observer effect
  • Easy to use resource empowering teachers with insight for personal development and lesson planning
  • Unobtrusive behaviour and interaction analysis

Lessonvu helps to improve teaching and learning through enhanced lesson capture, self-reflection, sharing and review.

Putting the technology into your hands allows you to take control of your own continued professional development. Whether you want to carry out a self-review, share part of a lesson with a colleague, or seek training, Lessonvu makes it easy to achieve. The key benefits are:

Teacher ownership:
Lessonvu is for the sole benefit of the teacher and their learners and, as such, access is controlled by that teacher.

Self-reflection for effective continuous professional development:
Designed with schools, for schools, the Lessonvu software lets teachers easily select any part of the lesson for reflection and review.

Always on, capture everything:
Lessonvu’s DNA of always being on and owned by the teacher allows for safe, judgement free and retrospective review of the whole classroom without the need to pre-plan recording.

Curiosity in the classroom:
Post-lesson review of key moments or events to analyse them or to investigate their cause or impact to all students.

Local and remote lesson observation and coaching:
A colleague can watch a recorded lesson chosen by the teacher, either on the school network or remotely, to support and coach.

Sharing practise:
Capture video of a teacher delivering a lesson in order to create content for the demonstration of practise to other colleagues.

Student engagement:
Playback of the captured lesson video to students via the interactive projector or flat panel at the front of class to analyse a class exercise; for example, an English recital or modern foreign language exercise.

Behaviour management:
Simplified investigation of a behavioural issue, including evidence based review with the student in question.

The idea of taking on more observation and putting out more hoops to jump through would turn anyone off. But that’s not what Lessonvu does. The reality is, I have control of the footage, it’s stored securely and only used for CPD within the set mentoring methodology, improving my performance.

Rachael Rivers
Teacher Trainer, Shavington Primary School

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Whether your school is ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, every year you spend a significant part of your budget on raising standards. But how much of this investment is effective? ONVU Learning’s lesson observation solution, Lessonvu, has been designed for schools to enable teachers to analyse their methods and identify opportunities for self-directed professional development, with the ultimate goal of retaining staff and improving your teaching standards.

Lessonvu enables senior leadership teams to introduce a sustainable, supportive and effective approach to performance management and professional development. The system gives ownership of professional development to the teachers and gives leaders detailed insight to support staff development and school improvements. The key benefits are:

Retention and staff development:
Self-reflection and self-directed professional development helps to raise standards and empower teachers.

Designed with schools, for schools:
With ONVU Learning’s education experts and with the input of schools and academies across the globe, we have designed a system that puts the improvement of teaching and learning at the forefront of our technology. The robust and reliable solution lets your teaching staff easily select any part of their lessons for reflection.

School improvement:
Whether analysis of the recordings reveals the need to restructure the classroom seating plan, identifies the needs of a particular student or a teacher seeking critique on their lesson from a peer or mentor, Lessonvu helps schools refine their improvement plan.

Safeguarding and compliance:
ONVU Learning has ensured school’s compliance with Ofsted’s inspection criteria, and offers the necessary advice to protect your student’s rights. We know how important it is for you to protect and safeguard students, staff and parents, which is why ONVU Learning ensures outstanding security and compliance for your peace of mind.

I would recommend this system for any school that is looking for a simple way to develop teaching and learning in their school. The system gives the ownership of professional development to the teachers so they can reflect and develop their skills.

Dan Thomas
Executive Head Teacher, The Learning for Life Partnership

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The Lessonvu system

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