Academy drives up teaching standards with Lessonvu

Our Partner School

The Hereford Academy is a secondary school and sixth form located in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. Until recently, the school was deemed, by Ofsted, to have ‘serious weaknesses’. With a new principal’s fresh approach, combined with 18 months of hard work of the staff, the school moved out of the category in May 2017.

The Challenge

Hereford assistant principal, Ed Snelgrove recognised that to raise standards in learning, the Academy had to start with the teaching. The introduction of a performance management scorecard system was the first step; teachers were required to evaluate and rate themselves and their rating was backed up by data on student progress and behaviours. While this was a step in the right direction, there were still inconsistencies in terms of how each teacher evaluated themselves. The missing link was the ability for teachers to actually see and review their own lessons. The time was right for the school to introduce video content into the review process.

ONVU Learning Response

Ed reviewed different systems, but found that ONVU Learning’s Lessonvu unique features of offered much more than the others. The non-threatening, discreet and always on solution was implemented in one classroom at first, which allowed the Academy to collaborate with ONVU Learning to set up a reflection process and scale Lessonvu to more and more classrooms.

The Results

Thanks to ONVU Learning’s consultant Dr Sean Warren, Hereford Academy has set up and is engaging with a reflection process for its teachers.

The positive feedback and lessons learned from the first ‘trial’ teachers are ‘educating’ and reassuring the other staff of the benefits of the technology. Trust in the system is growing and a ‘ripple effect’ has started to the extent that the school has now invested in more Lessonvu systems. 

Over the last 12 months, several members of staff has been observe and are valuing the potential and benefits.

“Today our staff actually feel liberated. The system has removed the need for them to have lesson observations and they now have the confidence to use the technology effectively. Combined with our score card system the results of the Lessonvu technology are just what we hoped,” concludes Ed.

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