Teachers and schools are looking for technology that works – and the evidence to prove it. This is where we celebrate all our great teachers and schools, and the journeys we have been on with them. Read their success stories below on how schools around the world are using the Lessonvu system for lesson observation and teacher reflection, to improve their teaching standards and student outcomes.

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AUEA Progress Report

In July 2018, international media came to Aston University Engineering Academy to report on both our ground-breaking deployment of 360-degree cameras in 28 classrooms and the ways in which we are using them to improve teaching and learning.

But what was it all about? Why was AUEA the first place where this happened? What has been the impact so far? And how can we use the technology further in the future?

Shavington Primary

Shavington Primary School

Due to its level of excellence, Shavington Primary was preparing to become a teaching school as part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT). Executive Head Teacher Dan Thomas wanted to initiate a project to enhance teachers’ professional development.

Hereford Academy

Until recently, The Hereford Academy was deemed by Ofsted to have ‘serious weaknesses’. With the new principal’s fresh approach, combined with 18 months of hard work of the staff, the school moved out of the category in May 2017.

We have worked with The Hereford Academy over the last year and have produced an evidence report of the change in teacher practice creating a positive impact in student outcomes. Below you will find a summary of the report for a quick read, but also the full report for a longer read.

This is where we collate evidence gathered from education publications about our solutions.

ICT Matters – “A third eye on teaching and learning”

 April 2018 Issue