Teachers and schools are looking for technology that works – and the evidence to prove it. This is where we celebrate all our great teachers and schools, and the journeys we have been on with them. Read their success stories below and learn about how schools around the world are using the Lessonvu system for lesson observation and teacher reflection, to improve their teaching standards and student outcomes.

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Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA) is a university technical college in Birmingham, England, with a wide curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In July 2018, AUEA became the first school in the world to deploy 360-degree cameras in all its 28 classrooms and learning environments – our Lessonvu system – as a step forward to improving teaching and learning. This has drawn a great deal of media attention. Read the reports and case studies and learn more about the successful AUEA & ONVU Learning partnership.


AUEA report lesson observation Lessonvu


ASTON school report


ASTON report

Case Study

Aston case study

Case Study


The Doon School is one of India’s most prestigious schools for boys, and it’s also home to ONVU Learning’s first pilot project using the Lessonvu system in the country. After 6 months of intensive, and successful collaboration, some exciting results have arisen, as evidenced by the Headmaster Matthew Raggett and senior teachers Mr G and Manu. Read the case study and report to find out more.

Case Study

Doon school case study


The Doon School Report
Visit the Doon School page on our website to learn everything about this successful partnership with ONVU Learning.


The Hereford Academy is a secondary and sixth form school located in Hereford, England. Previously, the school was deemed by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills in the UK (Ofsted), to have ‘serious weaknesses’. With the new principal’s fresh approach, combined with 18 months of hard work by the staff, the school managed to significantly improve its ranking. It’s important to highlight Lessonvu as a key contributor to the success of this achievement. Read the evidence reports and case study, and learn directly from the teachers about how the clever use of EdTech brings about results and change.

Case Study

Summary Report

Full Report

Visit the Hereford Academy page on our website to learn everything about this successful partnership with ONVU Learning.


Shavington Primary School has been ranking in the top six for progress in academic results amongst schools in the northwest of England. Due to its level of excellence, Shavington had been preparing to become a teaching school as part of a multi academy trust (MAT). Executive Head Teacher Dan Thomas wanted to initiate a project to enhance teachers’ professional development, and Lessonvu was chosen as one of the tools used by the school to achieve its goals. Learn more about Shavington’s journey to success, overcoming many challenges along the way.

Case Study

Shavington Primary
Visit the Shavington Primary page on our website to learn everything about this successful partnership with ONVU Learning.


ONVU Learning’s mission is to improve teaching and learning. Here is where free resources for teachers and senior school leaders are available, in the form of educational guide books. They are packed with expert advice from our team and other contributor educationalists. Keep an eye on this section as more guides will become available – make sure to sign up to our newsletter by clicking the below!

Lesson Observation Guide

lesson observation
The Lesson Observation Guide is packed with evidence-based research, experience and thoughts on the best practices for lesson observation. It explores how, when done well, it can drive a school forward, change the culture and improve teaching and learning.

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